Crossing boundaries in women’s health research and career development

BIRCWH is a career development program for women’s health research. Through financial support, targeted mentorship, and educational programs, we support the next generation of scholars.

Program Goals

  • To increase the number, quality and breadth of women’s health researchers.
  • To facilitate the career development of outstanding independent investigators who are experienced in multidisciplinary, translational, and clinical women’s health research.

Program Approach

  • Recruit a superb and diverse group of early-career health scientists who plan research careers focused on diseases in women
  • Support these scholars with salary, research training and mentoring, and project funds for 2-5 years as they transition to become fully independent investigators
  • Provide outstanding, individually tailored training and mentoring for scholars that attends to innovative and responsible scientific progress, career strategy, and life balance issues
  • Expand the breadth of women’s health research in our region, specifically targeting issues that are of crucial importance, that are understudied for women, and in which our institutions have extensive expertise
  • Strengthen and integrate models of multidisciplinary research, developing investigators who foster linkages across disciplines and institutions to conduct research that results in more efficient and creative research approaches and, ultimately, improved health for women of all ages and backgrounds
  • Promote research of women’s health (as broadly defined) and its prominence by following program alumni, facilitating their later career development and preparation for scientific leadership roles

Program Activities

  • Scholars spend 75% of their time in research career development activities
  • Monthly program seminars composed of research presentations and discussions are coupled with a series of lectures on key issues in women’s health
  • Depending on their individual career development needs, BIRCWH scholars may participate in CTSI K program training activities including Training in Clinical Research (TICR), the Program in Biomedical Sciences (BMS) and courses in the responsible conduct of research, grant writing, writing and publishing health sciences research, and training in health policy and economics

Program Focus Areas and Mentors

Focus Areas and MentorsBIRCWH mentors come from across the UCSF campus (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Dentistry) and more than a dozen departments and divisions. Focus areas include:

  • Traumatic Stress & Domestic Violence
  • Aging, Menopause, & Dementia
  • Occupational & Environmental Health
  • HIV & STDs
  • Muscular & Skeletal
  • Autoimmunity
  • Metabolism & Obesity
  • Addiction & Health Risk
  • Women’s Cancers
  • Maternal & Child Health Outcomes